Focus on one task at a time


Hero - Superhuman for task management | Product Hunt Embed

Create tasks with wakeup times

Takes less than 10 seconds from anywhere on Chrome

Type a keyboard shortcut

Write a task name

Assign a wake up time

Hero wakes up the task when it is due

One task at a time

Hero helps you focus. You can then:

Mark as done

Swap: focus on another task

Snooze: assign a new wakeup time for this task

Delete task


Hero reminds you of what you are working on when you open a new tab

Swap: focus on another task

See your upcoming tasks

Open the upcoming view with a keyboard shortcut

Edit task names or times

Organize tasks in series

Done dashboard

See how you spent your day

Visualize your tasks in a timeline

See tasks done per day

See how much time you spent on each task

Check your usage scores

Whatsapp reminders

Just send Hero a reminder name and due date/time

Hero reminds you when the time comes

See it in action